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Freed Thinking Defined…

In Uncategorized on December 2, 2009 at 6:29 am

According to, the word ‘FREE’ means…

Not imprisoned or enslaved ~ being at liberty ~ not controlled by obligation or the will of another.


The act or practice of one that thinks ~ a way of reasoning ~ judgment.

Ask just about anyone if they are a freed thinker and they will likely tell you they are.  Dig a little deeper, probe, question them about their beliefs and you will quickly learn that much of what they believe and think was issued to them by others.  Family, friends and the media converge on the receptive-as-a-sponge baby and turn him into an adult who processes information from inside the box that has been created and defined for him.  Yet he believes that he is free and free thinking.

Parents wish us well with what they want us to be well with.  Deviate from their “box” and their beliefs and they ask, “Where did we go wrong?”  Friends say, “Follow me” and when you fail to play their game their way, they call you different, strange, weird.  We comply because we want to fit in.  We comply because lack of compliance is a lonely road and we mostly like having company on the journey.  This is all well and fine until your soul knocks so loudly at the doorway of your heart you have no choice but to finally listen.  Eventually, you stop resisting and you let her have her say.  Your soul (I call mine “Mimi”) cares little about your ego’s need to comply with the masses.  She only knows what she knows.  You can run from the truth for only so long.

Freed Thinking means choosing to occasionally turn from those outer voices and turning to Mimi…or whatever you have named your soul.  Call it Fred.  I don’t care.  You should give it a blog and let it loose every now and then. Freed Thinking (or “Fred Thinking” maybe) means getting naked and baring the most sensitive parts of yourself.  It means asking yourself the questions you have previously ignored or tried to pretend did not matter.  It means that you observe and love the world and it’s perpetual desire to teach you how to be and who to be, but you also choose, at least occasionally, to unshackle your thoughts from the biased and opinionated thoughts of others.

I love this stuff.  We should be rocking the boat, not sitting stiffly in the middle going with the flow of wherever others choose to take us.  Churches are filled with non-boatrockers.  I’m not bashing church and religion.  I’m a fan of church.  I’m not a fan of stifled thinking, of robotic teaching, of religious views that place the creator of the universe in some tidy little people-defined box.  I am a fan of freedom.  It is my observation that too many of us read whatever is written – books/blogs/magazines/whatever – and swallow them whole. Don’t do that to Fred.  He’s knocking…just sit still for a bit and you will hear him.

My passion is for thought.  And, if for no other reason than the fact that I am a black woman, what black people think and HOW we think is a matter of particular interest to me.  So, read this to stimulate your own thoughts.  I have no particular expertise on human thought.  I only have what I’ve taken in from my life.  Just so happens that I like chewing on this stuff….on thoughts…on beliefs…on words long enough to grind them into little pieces.  Most of us hold to our beliefs so strongly, we don’t make room for them to breathe, to grow, to expand.  We hold on to them so fiercely that we forget to question WHY we believe WHAT we believe.  I actually don’t really care what you believe.  I only want you to choose to pick it apart…mash it up….pulverize it and see what’s left.  It’s only when you have allowed your beliefs to be placed under the microscope of your own critical eye that you can say you stand on anything solid at all.

And Mimi celebrates….

In Love & Gratitude,


  1. Interesting insight I look forward to your future posts.

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